As always preparation is half of making a tour turn out fun and enjoyable. We have a lot going on so prep time is going down to the wire with all its twists and turns. The weather here has gone from the 90’s to our first snow and a high of 45* in the last few days. Thus a lot of winterizing both to the cabin and here that we weren’t planning on doing before leaving on the tour. Also a lot of prep has gone into making arrangements for Mom since she won’t be joining us this time. She had a cardio version done today with success, now if her heart will just cooperate and stay in normal rhythm. The rental house has taken up a lot of time, but will be here when we return. So somewhere in there Rick has been burning the midnight oil working on Tin Lizzy. With any luck we will pull it all together and leave Thursday morning to have a GREAT TOUR around the GREAT LAKES! (Thank you Marcus and Mary – you have definitely had your share of twists and turns in putting this tour together, and we appreciate all you have done!).

View from our driveway of first winter storm, just a few days before leaving for Great Lakes Tour.
Tin Lizzy is enjoying all the attention and has no trouble saying good bye to her siblings – ” MOM’S 30″ and “The Coupe”, leaving them at home again.