Great Lakes Tour – Day 6

WHERE: Wisconsin Rapids -> thru the Wisconsin countryside to-> Ashland on the south shore of Lake Superior

WEATHER: Clouds all day, with rain on and off, with some wind, cool and a high of 56*

We get up at 7 and are on the road by 8. It is cloudy with sprinkles of rain. It is actually kind of nice to be in our “Modern A” with this cool and rainy weather.

We don’t go too far and I say I smell something hot. Rick says “Oh you and your nose.” But soon after our traveling companions are all pulled to the side of the road. And Jim & Dorothea’s car has trouble.

We are on our way again and by 10 we make a breakfast stop at a little cafe called Amber’s Colby Cafe. They have great homemade breads and pies. We eat breakfast and each get a piece of pie to go. Our next stop is to a little creamery that a local recommended for getting cheeses.

Look what we found in the “Specialty Cheese ” aisle:

Four very ‘special’ cheese heads! Looks like we are having fun.

We continue on through farm country. I love all the old barns.

We continue on through forested areas and the fall colors are just starting.

We make it to Ashland and we get our first look at Lake Superior! Our hotel is right on the banks of the lake. It is pretty blustery and there are white caps on the lake. It is so big it looks like you are at the ocean.

We check into the motel and the desk clerk is great. She lets us set up a Happy Hour in the dining area. Those of us that have arrived bring snacks, fruit, cheeses and drinks and all share and have a nice time . Time to hit the sack and get ready for another full day tomorrow.

Addendum: The Biebacks get the hard luck award of the day. Their front spindle/axle broke and they were taken back to the starting point on the trouble truck by Marcus. Hopefully they will be able to continue on with us in a modern??