Great Lakes Tour – Day 7

WHERE: Ashland -> Silver City, Minnesota

WEATHER: Rain, RAIN, Rain! – can’t see across the street, does clear throughout the day and eventually even makes it to 72* briefly.

We wake up to it pouring rain and things are flooding. Including distributors on Model A’s. The very sad news is that our boat trip all through the Apostle Islands is cancelled, but as everyone knows no one controls Mother Nature.

With no alternative we head out, when everyone is running, to make the best of the day. The farther we go it slowly clears and we enjoy the Fall colors.

On the shore of Lake Superior (from our hotel in Silver City)
SUNSET on LAKE SUPERIOR (even though we saw very little sun today).

We do find some interesting things near the hotel though:

A little more car work is necessary when Rick discovers Kenny’s generator is dead, thus why it isn’t holding a charge and won’t start with a push. David Krill comes to the rescue with a spare alternator and Rick puts it in.

Rick, David and Kenny putting in alternator.

The rest of us enjoy getting together and having cheese, crackers, meats, and drinks supplied by Mary & Marcus, before we call an end to another day.