Great Lakes Tour – Day 8

WHERE: Silver City, Michigan -> Munising, Michigan

WEATHER: Overcast, clouds, a few sprinkles, ending with some wind, 65*

We get started by a wake up call from Bob: “Are you coming with us?” We had done as per instructions in our tour book, which said: Today, sleep in and enjoy your vacation! It is 8:30, we shower, pack, have some breakfast and are ready to go by 9:15. But hold on – Kenny’s car won’t start even with a push and a new alternator, it has had no time to charge. A worker at the hotel comes to the rescue and has jumper cables, we pull up to use our car to jump him and our hood on the rental car won’t open! Bob uses his car and Kenny is running. The worker is so gracious he gives Kenny & Shirley the jumper cables! We are on our way to enjoy some more Fall Colors.

We stop at a small cafe, called Corner Cafe, in Champion, Michigan to have our large meal of the day so we will arrive in time to get on our boat tour to see the Pictured Rocks on a sunset cruise on Lake Superior. We make it to Munising in plenty of time only to find out our cruise has been cancelled! This is two days in a row that Mother Nature has not been nice to us! It is too windy today for the boat to safely go out. The lady at the hotel desk is great and gives a guide/route to see the sights of Munising. It includes light houses, waterfalls, and seeing the pictured rocks from shore rather than boat.

Next we go to Miners Falls:

We continue on to see the cliffs at Miner’s Castle:

Cliffs, the one on the right has Bridalveil Falls coming down it into Lake Superior
Rick at the Pictured Rocks
Lake Superior is a magnificent and powerful lake/sea!

We finish the day off with a large ‘fish’ dinner at DOG PATCH.