Great Lakes Tour – Day 12

WHERE: Mackinaw Island -> Bay City, Michigan

WEATHER: Overcast & cool, 55*

We get up at 7:30, have breakfast and are ready for our 9:00 A.M. ferry ride back off the island. The weather is cool but no wind today and the ferry ride is much smoother than going over.

Once we are back to the mainland we head down the peninsula. We are the leaders of our small group and decide to take the longer but more scenic route, down the coast on Hwy. #23. We have now made it to the 3rd of the Great Lakes – Lake Huron. We make a stop in Cheboygan so Kenny can see his son, Scott & girlfriend Laurel and then are on our way again.

We try 2 overlook pull outs with not very much luck on seeing the lake, then on the 3rd one we hit pay dirt. We went to the 40 Mile Point and Lighthouse. It ended up being a nice stop with a lot to see and no charge.

First we tour the living quarters in the lighthouse, nicely done. Rick enjoyed the basement with all the antique laundry equipment while I climb up the steep spiral staircase to the light in the tower. It is still operational and the light it sends out goes out for 16 miles! The light keeper actually turns the light on for 3 seconds for me to take a picture.

We also go to see where the shipwreck remains of the Joseph S. Fay are.

We head on down Hwy. #23. We run into Jay & Pat and Terry , Cammie & Sally. Jay’s car is running rough and Rick takes a look – think it was the distributor. They make adjustments and they are off and running and pass us on the road. The last 3 of our group make it in at 6:30 to Bay City. Jay invites us to join them for some dinner. We accept and then it is time for bed. Tomorrow is suppose to be our longest day and I am ready for some shut eye, so see you tomorrow .