Great Lakes Tour – Day 13

WHERE: Bay City ->Point Aux Barques Lighthouse-Port Hope on Lake Huron -> Frankenmuth, Michigan

WEATHER: Blue skies with scattered clouds, windy – 66*

We get up, have breakfast and are the first ones on the road today at 7:30. We start the day by keeping the ‘FORD’ motto in place: ‘F’ix, ‘O’r, ‘R’epair, ‘D’aily. We find the cap to replace on Ken’s car that we used earlier to fix Jim’s car.

We are on the road again on small two lane roads. Today we again go through a lot of farm country. I am impressed with all the large farm houses and everyone has an acre of lawn around their home! (not a common sight in Nevada) Today we see why there are a lot of windmills. I like the green, but not the wind.

We arrive at Point Aux Barques Lighthouse. It is interesting, but the light tower is closed. We are really glad we went to 40 Mile Lighthouse yesterday.

The twosome with our ‘Lighthouse’ shirts we got yesterday.

While we are at the lighthouse, volunteers feed us a great lunch, as we sit on the shore of Lake Huron.

We are then headed off to Frankenmuth. Everything is going well until we hit Caro and they have the street blocked for a parade. I try to follow the detour signs but end up getting us lost, not unlike going in a corn maze! So forget the ‘Maps’ on the phone and nothing better than asking a local farmer how to get out of the maze! We loose one of our party but are back on track and headed to Frankenmuth.

Frankenmuth – an entire town done in Bavarian/German style. Not quite like the real thing that we did last month visiting Germany, but still fun.

Shirley, Dorothea, and I go to the Worlds Largest Christmas Store, while Jim and Rick work on Jim’s car.

We get back in time to meet the group at The Bavarian Inn. We first go to a ‘Pretzel Making Class’.

After our pretzel making we are treated to a great German dinner and treated to music by Cindy Krill. We then pick up our personally made pretzels after they have been baked. Back to the hotel and I do the blog and Rick finishes working on Jim’s car. The end to another “GREAT” Day.