Great Lakes Tour – Day 15

WHERE: Dearborn & Detroit Michigan

WEATHER: A beautiful day, sunny & warm (no wind or rain) 69*

We get up, have breakfast and get on a bus to go see our sights today. It is great to not have to drive in the Detroit traffic. However it didn’t get rid of the potholes!

Our first stop of the day is to Greenfield Village. Where Henry Ford wanted to show America’s formation and how through resourcefulness, ingenuity and perseverance anything is possible.

We start by riding the oldest steam engine train in the US around the periphery of the village.

We go to the house where Henry Ford was born and grew up.

Our next stop is through the Wright brother’s shop. They started in building bicycles before they reached for the sky in flight .

We see how inventive Thomas Edison was.

Edison’s light bulb was only one of his many, many inventions.

We visit the Noah Webster house. It is amazing all the work it took to do the dictionary.

There is so much to see here that it is impossible to see it all in the few hours we have here, but it is very interesting. Here are some other pictures:

Dorothea shows off her new hat purchase!

From Greenfield Village we travel on to the home of Edsel and Eleanor Ford. Edsel was the only son of Henry Ford and he had three sons and one daughter. It is a grand house, with expensive furnishings and art, as well as the beautiful landscaping done by Jens Jensen from Denmark. Interestingly enough our last name is Jensen and our daughter is a licensed landscape architect who prefers doing everything in natural native plants, as did Jens!

Maybe the most impressive thing for me was the “play house” built and given to Johanna on her 7th birthday by her Grandmother Clara Ford. It cost $15,000 dollars at the time and was done in 2/3 scale, with all unique and custom made furnishings.

Our last stop of the day was to see the grave site of Henry & Clara Ford.

We end the day by having a pizza party at the motel. And this brings us to the end of a beautiful day.

Sunset in Dearborn, Michigan