Great Lakes Tour – Day 16

WHERE: Dearborn & Detroit, Michigan

WEATHER: Warm, large fluffy clouds in blue skies , 65*

We get up and have the usual motel breakfast and get on the bus to go to our tours today. Today is ALL FORD, after all we are in Detroit! First we go to the Ford Piquette Plant.

One of the many Ford factories in Detroit
Original Piquette Plant Building
Lori & Rick in a Model T

The four steps to the assembly of a Model T:

We then go from the past: first assembly to the most modern: the Rouge Plant with the assembly line of the aluminum F-150 Pickup. It is very modern using robots as well as humans in the assembly. They just started assembling the 2020 model on Saturday. Pictures aren’t allowed in the assembly area, but very interesting to see!

We are then on our way to the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation. It is once again so big we can only briefly see the exhibits.

The exhibits are wide and varied in the museum showing many different things from the past up to the present. Rick gets up in a modern combine:

After all the farming areas we have been through, Rick wanted to see what it was like being in a combine. One big piece of farming equipment!

That concluded our tours for the day. Back to the motel, but most of us go to the FORD’S GARAGE restaurant for dinner:

That brings to end a fully packed day of Henry Ford and his cars!