Great Lakes Tour – Day 18

WHERE: Battle Creek -> Hickory Corners (Gilmore Car Museum) -> Ludington, Michigan

WEATHER: Rain, more rain, & MORE RAIN! 64* briefly

We get up and Rick asks about getting our points for staying at the hotel, but they never find us in the registry so they end up comping us breakfast. We stay and eat breakfast as the rest of our group head out to the Gilmore Museum – it is the home to the Model A Museum (the largest in the world). It also has over 300 vintage autos of all types. We start in the main hall with a special display of Duesenbergs, probably the largest collection of them all at one place. They are on loan from various owners for the display for a limited time. The following is my choice:

This is one “Classic Car”, a real Duesey!
Darlene Dorgan painted her Model T silver and took girlfriends on road trips & they became known as the “Gypsy Coeds”.
Our Group of A’s lined up at the Gilmore Car Museum ( three are missing, but here in spirit)!
The not as often photographed side.
A Fantastic Hand Embroidered Quilt
Ron Rude’s 1928 Light Delivery Truck (from my home town of Quincy, California)

We stop at the old Diner for some lunch before we hit the road again.

We leave and it is still raining:

We are glad we stay off the freeway in this rain, but do hit a detour which leads us to this:

But we also get to see all the pretty tree colors by going this way.

We get into the motel at 6:30, before dark, meeting our goal. We go to dinner at a place called Scotty’s and being Fish Friday Night that is what we all have. Thus brings us to the end of another Model A Touring Day! And as Marcus says “The Day Will Be Fun, Safe, and Great!