Great Lakes Tour – Day 20

WHERE: Sturgeon Bay -> Green Bay (Lambeau Field – Home of the Green Bay Packers) -> Sheboygan, Wisconsin

WEATHER: Gray skies, cold, rain showers which turn briefly to snow! 43* + wind (Today is definitely a long johns and hat & mittens day)

We get up and are on the road by 8. It is cold! We see fall colors still. We go for about an hour and then stop and have breakfast at a great little country family cafe. When we come out it is spitting snow!

We are on our way and feel a little guilty being in our nice warm modern A. We continue on to Lambeau Field – home to the Green Bay Packers and take a fantastic tour.

LAMBEAU FIELD – Front of the stadium, which has a capacity of 81,441 – fifth largest in the NFL.

We start the tour by going in a large enclosed Box Seat area for Alumni, which looks out over the field. The Packers have sold out every game since 1960. At least 115,000 names are on the waiting list ( with a reported average wait time of 30 years!)

The seats are aluminum bleachers!
We enter the field from the tunnel right behind the goal post.
Showing them painting the field for tomorrow’s game! They explain how they have a heating system under the field to keep the grass roots from freezing. But nothing to keep the stadium fans from freezing! The stadium’s nickname “Ice Bowl” from a game played in 1967 in temperatures of -15*F with sharp winds!
Lambeau Stadium showing bleachers and years of being WORLD CHAMPIONS.
Rick in the stands behind the goal post for the “PACKERS”
Lori with one big Packers football player!
And no tour is complete without a stop in the gift shop. Pat in her “Packers” overalls!
GO PACK GO! (This time with the ‘green & gold’, not with the ‘blue & silver’ of our home team The Wolf Pack of UNR.

With the tour complete we go to Sheboygan. On the way we stop and have an early dinner (I had the biggest serving of pot roast I have ever seen). We check into our hotel for the night. Our trip is coming to an end, tomorrow is our last day, but we could not of packed in any more fun than we have had in the last three weeks.