Great Lakes Tour – Day 21 Last Day of the Tour

WHERE: Sheboygan, Wisconsin -> Kohler -> West Allis, Wisconsin

WEATHER: Blue skies with fluffy white clouds & cold, warms to 56*

We get up and are ready to go to the Kohler Factory for our last tour. We ask to have a late check out at 1200 noon, but are told ‘no’, because they are booked up. I am guessing because of the Packers home game tonight. We say our Good-byes to Jim & Dorothea, because they are heading back to their home in Wisconsin today before they go to their winter home in Florida. We had a wonderful time touring with them in our little group and hope to visit them sometime in Florida! We then go to the Kohler tour.

We go on a 2 hour tour, very informative, but again like all the big factory tours we have taken, no pictures are allowed. They show us the ingredients needed to make the pottery, the forms & molds, the firing/baking, the cleaning, the putting on of the enamel,and the foundry where they make the cast iron things. They also make auto pieces in the foundry. They also show the different types of faucets, and the art design area.

They also do toilets, urinals, and showers as well. We go back and check out of the hotel by 1100.

Rick at the top of the stairs to our hotel the Blue Harbor Resort.
Last view of Lake Michigan before we end the tour and head for home tomorrow morning.

We are going to the farewell dinner tonight at the same German restaurant that we started the tour at. Then tomorrow everybody heads in different directions to get to their respective homes. Here is a picture of the plaque that we got and had everybody sign as a ‘Thank You’ to Marcus & Mary.

That’s All Folks, until next time!

OK I lied. I decided to add a little addendum. Here are pictures of the people on the 2019 GREAT LAKES TOUR.

And last but not least the ‘Twosome’ from which this blog comes, standing on the shore of a GREAT LAKE at the end of a GREAT LAKES TOUR!
A beautiful end to a final day as we fly home from Chicago to Reno on Tuesday, October 15, 2019.