First day out – Adventure One

We get up and have breakfast in the hotel and pick up our sack lunch for the day. Our group from Nevada heads out. We head East on Route 89 towards Page. We are in the Vermilion Cliffs with great scenery when Nixon’s car decides it needs to rest again! So time for me to take some photos while they disconnect the thermostat this time, to see if that will solve the problem.

We get it started once again and head on down the road. We stop at the Glen Canyon Dam on Lake Powell but it is closed.

Glen Canyon Dam on Lake Powell

Next we make a stop in Page to get gas, snacks, and a camera chip. Jorgensen’s car is now making a funny noise and they think it is the alternator, but we head on. We enjoy the sights around Antelope Canyon, even though we don’t go see the slot canyons this time around.

Area around Antelope Canyon
Outside of Page

We stop in a shady spot and eat our sack lunch while looking out at the beautiful view. We finish and go on, but not a long enough break for Nixon’s car I guess because it decides to quit once again.

This time they grease and protect some wiring
Time for another photo shoot for me!
Yesterday Fall officially started and since there aren’t many trees around this is my Fall Photo!

We check in and then watch the sun set over Monument Valley.


That is all for today. More to come tomorrow.

First official day

Today started out with a bang, or should I say a DOWNPOUR! It rained hard all night with lightening and thunder. You could really hear it in the motorhome! We heard later in the day that it rained three inches just last night.

Evidence of the hard rain from last night, mud covering the road

We get up and move things from the motorhome to Tin Lizzie. Go to the Kanab Archeological Museum and then ask about where to go for a little local ride. They suggest Johnson Canyon, so off we head. It was a little test drive for Nixon’s car. Boy are we glad we did it. It was about 10 miles out of town and then a 15 mile drive up a little country road (as in the above picture). About 5 miles up the road all of a sudden no Larry and Jerri behind us. Well maybe they are doing a picture moment, but soon think it must be some picture shoot! So we turn around and find their car stopped dead in the road!

Well after an hour, the guys figure out it was the coil. With a new coil, it started right up!!!

We are on the road again and do see some pretty sights.

We go back and have some lunch, then check into the hotel. We freshen up and then go to the welcoming dinner. It is always nice meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones. Tomorrow we will head out into some beautiful country!

Second day on the road

We get up and hitch the trailer back up and end up talking to a couple who were Model A people just coming back from a get together at Gilmore. We hit the road at 9. We went from Ely to Milford via Hwy. 21 . Talk about a “lonely road”. From Baker to Milford it was 75 miles of No Service, No Shoulder, and No Turn Outs on a VERY narrow road! Needless to say when we got to a spot that had a little pull out we were all ready to take a little break.

San Francisco Peak

From Milford we go to Beaver and onto I15 and then took Hwy 20 over to Hwy. 89. We stopped in Milford at a local cafe called Flatiron for lunch. Things went fine until outside of Carmel Junction I realize Larry and Jerri all of a sudden are not right behind us. Thought Larry was being nice and letting traffic by but we get a call and they have had a flat on the trailer. We pull over when we can but can’t really turn around and go back very easily. They say that is fine – a couple of nice guys stopped and helped them change the tire and wheel. We make it into Kanab about 6 (we lost an hour with changing to Mountain time). We park in the convention parking lot where we are leaving the motorhome and trailer for the tour. We go to Houston’s for dinner. We call it a night and go to bed by 9.

That is what I call a “blown” tire

Leaving Reno

I am getting a late start on this blog , but better late than never! We left home at 8:00 yesterday and met John and Nancy  and left Reno at 8:30. It is still smokey but not as bad as it has been.

Loaded and ready to go

Leaving Reno

We call Nixons to see if we will meet them in Fallon, where we stop for gas. But they are just leaving, may catch up with us later in the day. We stop at Middlegate for a short break. We are in better shape than a few cars there!

Cars at Middlegate

We head on to Austin where we stop at the ONLY place open in town – the International Cafe. It is like a living ghost town. The sign on the door says: TAKE YOUR MASK OFF BEFORE ENTERING! So we enter maskless and enjoy a lunch made by the owner, hostess, waitress, cook and cashier. She says “Here is what I have , take it or leave it.” The BLT was actually pretty good. While we are eating Larry and Jeri catch us and share a BLT. On our way to Ely, which we make by 6 PM. We stay at the KOA and meet up and have Mexican food for dinner.

The Old Southwest Tour – Sept. 29 – Oct. 15, 2021

Today is Sept. 24 – Friday

An Old Dog Trying New Tricks

Well since we haven’t been able to travel much due to our buddy: “COVID-19” in the last two years ,things have changed in many ways! One being that this blog site has made new changes and now it is time to see if this “old dog” can learn the “new tricks” to use it.

Grandma isn’t moved to her new setting for three weeks. And yours truly hasn’t packed yet. Time is running short, but things are coming together slowly but surely. With any luck the “old dog” is learning and this blog may come to be for this trip yet. Time will tell, hopefully with the next blog we will be on the road!