First official day

Today started out with a bang, or should I say a DOWNPOUR! It rained hard all night with lightening and thunder. You could really hear it in the motorhome! We heard later in the day that it rained three inches just last night.

Evidence of the hard rain from last night, mud covering the road

We get up and move things from the motorhome to Tin Lizzie. Go to the Kanab Archeological Museum and then ask about where to go for a little local ride. They suggest Johnson Canyon, so off we head. It was a little test drive for Nixon’s car. Boy are we glad we did it. It was about 10 miles out of town and then a 15 mile drive up a little country road (as in the above picture). About 5 miles up the road all of a sudden no Larry and Jerri behind us. Well maybe they are doing a picture moment, but soon think it must be some picture shoot! So we turn around and find their car stopped dead in the road!

Well after an hour, the guys figure out it was the coil. With a new coil, it started right up!!!

We are on the road again and do see some pretty sights.

We go back and have some lunch, then check into the hotel. We freshen up and then go to the welcoming dinner. It is always nice meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones. Tomorrow we will head out into some beautiful country!