Second day on the road

We get up and hitch the trailer back up and end up talking to a couple who were Model A people just coming back from a get together at Gilmore. We hit the road at 9. We went from Ely to Milford via Hwy. 21 . Talk about a “lonely road”. From Baker to Milford it was 75 miles of No Service, No Shoulder, and No Turn Outs on a VERY narrow road! Needless to say when we got to a spot that had a little pull out we were all ready to take a little break.

San Francisco Peak

From Milford we go to Beaver and onto I15 and then took Hwy 20 over to Hwy. 89. We stopped in Milford at a local cafe called Flatiron for lunch. Things went fine until outside of Carmel Junction I realize Larry and Jerri all of a sudden are not right behind us. Thought Larry was being nice and letting traffic by but we get a call and they have had a flat on the trailer. We pull over when we can but can’t really turn around and go back very easily. They say that is fine – a couple of nice guys stopped and helped them change the tire and wheel. We make it into Kanab about 6 (we lost an hour with changing to Mountain time). We park in the convention parking lot where we are leaving the motorhome and trailer for the tour. We go to Houston’s for dinner. We call it a night and go to bed by 9.

That is what I call a “blown” tire