Day Three Adventure – “What Good Are We as Humans if We Can’t Help Our Fellow Man”

We got up and Rick went out to help Jim with his car. They finished and when Rick came in the rest of our group had already left. So we told Jim and Dorothea we could travel together. We ended up hooking up with Jay as the leader. We got a late start today and didn’t leave until 9:30. We head straight to the first stop – The Aztec Ruins National Monument.

Jim and Dorothea and Rick and I eat snacks as we wait for the others. They decided to go to a restaurant for some lunch so we decide to start out heading towards Albuquerque. Jim’s car started out running fine so we think the problem was solved by changing the ignition module, but then it started going only 30-35 mph with no acceleration. So we chug along again until about half way to Cuba, NM and they call the trouble truck to come get them. We wait until the trouble truck arrives and head onto Albuquerque. There are some pretty formations again, but a long drive.

The contrast of the deep blue sky and the big fluffy clouds adds to the scenery today.

We pull into the hotel at 5:50, check in and leave with our group at 6 for dinner! That is cutting it too short. We had a barbecue dinner joining some of the local club. We leave by 8 because tomorrow is an EARLY day to go to the balloon festival, getting up at 5. So more tomorrow.