Day five

Today we get up and have breakfast and are ready to leave by 8. Nixons and Dan left before us. We start out with high hopes that things are fixed on Jim and Dorothea’s pickup. However it ended up a very long day driving 250 miles – most at 35 miles an hour. Through out the day Rick helped change out the coil – that wasn’t it. Changed to two different carburetors that wasn’t the answer. Disconnected the wolf whistle – that didn’t fix it. Tried changing the gas cap with a one with a vent -no such luck. Cleaned out the sediment bowl -no change still. Turned down the gas adjusting value – no go. About out of ideas to fix the truck. It still acts as if it isn’t getting fuel and goes at 35 miles an hour.

To add to the day we hit road construction and miss the turn off to Hwy. 285. We go about 15 miles and stop and ask a local where we are and how to get to 285. He was super nice and was able to tell us exactly how far back and where to turn in the construction to get on 285. We also never found any of the National Monuments along the way even though I was looking for them. Oh well, at this point we just want to get there.

First stop of the day, others with us.
Another stop, others stop but go on, no answers!
Another stop – not counting any more.

This was the little settlement where we turned around and back tracked. A nice high light of the day we get a call from Bob and Marilynn to see how the trip is going. We miss them not being on the tour.

We get into Alamosa at 6:10 and drive to the restaurant without even checking in at the hotel. Jim’s truck actually stops completely a couple of times. Tomorrow’s plan is to try and drain the gas tank as a last ditch effort. Here’s hoping all of Rick’s work will pay off with a solution for them. We were the last into dinner but ended up being the first served dinner – yeah, we were hungry since lunch was some snacking on the road.

May tomorrow be a better day.