Day six – Buena Vista, Colorado

We get up at 6 and go down by 7 and have breakfast. Rick goes out to help Jim with his car. They are going to try to blow out the gas line as a last try. Brad has a compressor and Rick goes and gets a nozzle. On the way back we stop to get gas and run into Brad. His car has stopped dead at the gas station, don’t know why, but it finally just starts. Back at the hotel they blow out the gas line. Others have left so Jim and Dorothea and us take off.

The car seems to run fine on the long flat stretch, but then the test is going up Poncha Pass at 9010 feet. It makes it with flying colors!

We start seeing the fall colors.

We also starting seeing the first snow in the “Rockies”, on Mt. Antero at 14,000+ feet. As well as Mount Princeton.

We make it into Buena Vista in good time, actually to soon to check into the hotel. So have lunch from a food truck , with Alaskan Cod. It was really good.

Next we go to Mount Princeton Hot Springs. It was a very relaxing afternoon.

The water was so warm and relaxing!

Then John and Nancy and Larry and Jerri meet us there and we join them in the large swimming pools.

We come back to the hotel on a back road and are able to get into our room now.

We end up skipping dinner and have happy hour in Dan’s room.

More fun to come tomorrow.