Ole Southwest Tour

Adventure Day Fifteen – Back to Kanab

We get up and have breakfast at Ruby’s Inn. Rick buys some gloves so his hands don’t get so cold and we are off. We head to Cedar Breaks National Monument. John and Nancy go with us. We both are still in our Model A’s. One of the few, most have transferred to their modern trucks. We first go through red rock area.

We continue on, going up and up. The snow gets deeper and it gets colder. The wind chill is mean. Taking my gloves off to take pictures and my fingers turn numb in no time at all. It is very pretty scenery. We run into Marcus in his Suburban at the top. We finish the loop and come back to Kanab. We start the motorhome up to make sure the battery hasn’t gone dead. It starts right up. We will be back in two days to head for home. We go to Houston’s and have an early dinner/late lunch. I top it off with a big piece of banana cream pie. We go back and check into the motel. I try one last time to add pictures to the blog but am a failure. Maybe when I get home I can figure out what all of a sudden changed so the pictures won’t add. If not this maybe my last blog.