Tour Day #11 Canada

Tour Day # 11 – Quesnel to Prince George

Well today is our shortest day of driving and suppose to be rather boring. It turned out to be far from boring. We start out in Quesnel and I take some pictures of their painted fire hydrants, all different.

The Chinese Man
The Indian
The Newspaper Boy

We stop and get picnic supplies and we are on our way. Cammie and Terri spot the first bear and we miss it. But then on down the road I yell at Rick: STOP, THERE IS A BEAR! He stops and we turn around so I can get pictures of the black bear eating clover.
We continue on until noon time and stop at Canyon Creek Campground in Hixon to have lunch.
We are still in logging country and there are a lot of logging trucks on this two lane Hwy. 97
The next stop is my fault because I wanted a picture of the moose sign. Haven’t seen one but hope to. When we pull over to take the picture, Terri’s car won’t start. So they just happen to have bought a ballast resister this AM at the sale and change it and she starts up, we will see if that fixes it this time.
We make it to Prince George  by 2:15 and it is a good thing because they discover that Jay has a blown head gasket on his car. So they are now changing that.
So it has been far from a boring day today.
It is now 6:45 and Rick just came in and said the welds that hold the trunk on have let go and we need to find some one to weld it for us. Not such a problem in itself but we have our longest driving day of the whole trip tomorrow and we will now be behind everybody, to get the welding done. Well, I said it wasn’t a boring day. Too late to do anything tonight, so we are going to dinner.
Seems that no matter how far we get from home there is still something to be done on Lizzy.