Last Three Days Coming Home Days 22, 23, & 24 Canada

The Last Three Days Coming Back Home – Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

We have been gone for a month. The last blog page should have been dated for Saturday but it was posted as Sunday because I didn’t get it written until after midnight. Sunday morning we get up and have breakfast and say good bye to those that haven’t already left for home.

Then after packing up ourselves we leave to go see if we can find the gas cap to Tin Lizzie as well as the cap to the Radio Flyer. In our hurry last night to get gas and get to the boat before it left for our farewell dinner, both of our gas caps ended up coming off on the way. It was a shot in the dark, but we thought we would try anyway. No luck at the gas station where we got gas, but a couple blocks down the road in the gutter we find the cap to Tin Lizzie! It is not hurt. We go another mile or so to where I thought I saw Terri’s fly off and as we are stopped at the signal we find her’s in the middle of the road. It had been run over but it is salvageable. What a stroke of luck!

We are the last ones to load ¬†our car on the trailer and leave, with many thanks to Mike and Lil for letting us leave the van and trailer at their place. Then we are on our way. It ends up being a very easy border crossing. We travel via Steven’s Pass on Hwy. #2 through a forest fire and on to Toppenish just before Yakama and stay at the Yakama Nation RV Park.

Monday we get up and travel via Hwy. # 97, taking the scenic slower route home. We decide to make a stop at Crater Lake and spend the night there.

We drive the 33 miles around the lake seeing the sights.

Vidae Falls

Phantom Ship Island

We watch the sun set from the top of the crater.
Have dinner at the lodge and watch the full moon rise over the lake.
Then it is to bed in the van.
Tuesday we are up and on our way home. It is not a very exciting day, but we make it home safe and sound after 2151.2 miles in Tin Lizzie and 2116.3 miles with the van towing her for a total of 4267.5 miles and no major mechanical problems! We have had a month long fantastic trip, seeing beautiful sights with great friends and back home to a wonderful family. What more could anyone ask for ?