Day 11 Tour of Utah

Today is to explore Canyonland – “The Needles”.

Our first stop is the Visitor’s Center and one of the car’s has smoke rolling out into the cab.
How many men does it take to fix a Model A?
                It ended up being a shorted out wire, fixed and everyone on their way again.

We go down the trail and see ruins and some pictographs. Next we have to climb some ladders.

Onto the “potholes”
This guy was glad to get a drink.
We are then onto “The Needles”

                                            We see the Wooden Shoe Arch on our way out. And then make a stop at the Newspaper Rock. And thank goodness we did because when we stopped the oil is pouring out of Lizzie! We lost half of her oil from a broken oil line. Rick plugs it and we get oil from Bob and are on our way again.

We end the day by coming over the mountain through pretty aspen in fall colors and down into Blanding and eat at the Steak House-the only place open in town.

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