Day 19, Friday from Pamplona to Magallón to Zaragoza

We get up and get gas after breakfast and leave by 9. It is like we travel through a time capsule, because within a mile’s distance we go from Roman time aqueducts and castles to modern day huge windmills and toll freeways. While we travel in 1930’s cars.

We meet with the local Spanish Model A group of 12 cars. The leader of their group leads us to his home town of Magallón and we tour through the streets. Talk about narrow little streets. I think the whole town is out to see our cars.

These two are our captives in the back seat. They seem to be enjoying the ride.

 Suspension bridge on the way.

There seems to be no language barrier when it comes to the guys checking out each others cars.

We are taken into an old wine cellar to have some tapas and wine.

Rick engaged with a local telling him about the old winery. Sign language works wonders.

We then are onto the next stop, another local winery. It is another small family winery that has been here since 1770.

This is the clouds reflecting on a window with their logo.

  Down in the wine cellar. This is Ray (who interprets for us) with the owner of the winery.

This is the two families coats of arm in the cellar.

This is 100 year old wine from the family’s winery, behind an old locked gate in the cellar. They have not sold any but it would be too expensive to buy anyway.

They wine and dine us again. I have probably had more wine then I have ever had.

Old tractor on the property.

This is my picture of a outhouse (probably not but I am calling it that).

Old wine barrel.

Door to underground cellar.

All 25 Model A’s head to Zaragoza.

Pat and Charlie have a flat tire on the way and who is helping out again?

 Is there a nail?

Group effort to get tire changed.

Maybe we are getting a little boring to ride with, but Shirley has a nice shoulder to rest on.

We are escorted into Zaragoza by a police escort.

We make it to the hotel. Again Rick helps first Charlie with his tire.

Then Jim and Dorothea’s car loses its battery and is brought in on the trouble truck. They unload it and push it down into the garage. It also gets fixed.

Then it is on to help Bob work on his lights. All get fixed and running again. It is 10 PM and guess what? Time for some wine and camaraderie with good friends before going to bed.