Vermillion to Sioux Falls

Last night coming into Vermillion Lizzie back fired and stopped, but Rick got her started and we made it to the hotel. We were tired from driving in the wind, I guess Lizzie was complaining too.

We got up this morning and Rick went to start Lizzie and she wouldn’t start. He found one of the connectors to the spark plug off. He fixed that and we headed to the ┬áNational Music Museum and got out of the parking lot and she backfired again and stopped cold. We pushed her to the side of the road and got a ride in the trouble truck to the museum. I keep kidding Jim and Carlene that we need to get to know each other better, but preferably not this way.

Rick working on Lizzie

We spend two hours at the Music Museum, which was very interesting.

Outside the National Music Museum

I find the violin workshop especially interesting. From the wood working tools

to the blueprint designs, to the patterns

to putting them together.

To the Stradivarius which they say is worth 2-3 million. This one is for you Carrie!

I also liked the old instruments made out of various things:

Like a string instrument made out of a barrel.
An instrument made out of a wooden cigar box.
And one made out of a stove pipe!

I also enjoyed seeing the zither because we have one at home with mother of pearl inlay.

Zither very similar to the one we have.

We leave the museum and go back to the hotel where Lizzie is patiently waiting. Work commences on her, with a coil change and a distributor change. With many helpful hands and ideas she starts up and we are off and running.

All hands on deck!

We head on towards Sioux Falls.

Through more farming and dairy land.
I liked this prairie scene.

Because we had to work on Lizzie we didn’t get gas when everyone else did. So we came into Sioux Falls on fumes, literally. We stopped at the very first gas station and took 10.89 gallons into a 11 gallon tank!

Our radiator is taking on a well used look. Look out John Hulstrom, there maybe some competition out there!


This pretty guy was found on Pete and Linda’s radiator.

We check into the hotel and head to Falls Park where we have a BBQ dinner and look at the Falls of the Big Sioux River.

There are numerous cascading falls.

A shot of all the falls from the tower

We listen to a great presentation by Marcus of the Great Lakes Tour to be done next year. We are ready to sign up. We return to the hotel and Rick helps Larry Snuttjer with his steering and John with his starter, while I do the blog.