WHERE: A mini circle from Baraboo/Great Wolf Lodge -> La Valle/Carr Cheese Factory -> Baraboo/Lodge -> Wisconsin Dells/Paul Bunyan Cook Shanty for dinner and back to the Great Wolf Lodge

WEATHER: Clouds, that turn into a light rain, which turns into a full rainstorm 63*

We get an early start, (before restaurant open at the lodge), at 7. Some grab a little at McDonalds and then we head to the cheese factory. We drive through pretty farm country.

We end up at the Carr Cheese factory. A little family run operation, with things done by hand. On the other end of the spectrum from the massive automated Harley Davidson factory yesterday.

Lori & Marilyn
Dorothea & Kenny

We learn the short version of making cheese:

Cheese curds
And it takes 10 gallons of milk to make one pound of cheese.
First comes the cows to get all the milk
Then bringing the milk to the cheese factory
Adding color and heating milk up and separating creme from whey
Cheese blocks
Cheese curds
Final product!

Next we go to another family diner and have some brunch. Then it is on to the Circus World Museum in Baraboo. It is very informative with the history of the Ringling Brothers and the circus.

It is then back to the lodge for a little while before going to dinner at the Paul Bunyan Cook Shanty.

It is back to the lodge. It has been raining all evening and is now dark and we are glad to be in a modern car tonight. It is up early tomorrow for another FULL day.