Leaving Reno

I am getting a late start on this blog , but better late than never! We left home at 8:00 yesterday and met John and Nancy  and left Reno at 8:30. It is still smokey but not as bad as it has been.

Loaded and ready to go

Leaving Reno

We call Nixons to see if we will meet them in Fallon, where we stop for gas. But they are just leaving, may catch up with us later in the day. We stop at Middlegate for a short break. We are in better shape than a few cars there!

Cars at Middlegate

We head on to Austin where we stop at the ONLY place open in town – the International Cafe. It is like a living ghost town. The sign on the door says: TAKE YOUR MASK OFF BEFORE ENTERING! So we enter maskless and enjoy a lunch made by the owner, hostess, waitress, cook and cashier. She says “Here is what I have , take it or leave it.” The BLT was actually pretty good. While we are eating Larry and Jeri catch us and share a BLT. On our way to Ely, which we make by 6 PM. We stay at the KOA and meet up and have Mexican food for dinner.