First day out – Adventure One

We get up and have breakfast in the hotel and pick up our sack lunch for the day. Our group from Nevada heads out. We head East on Route 89 towards Page. We are in the Vermilion Cliffs with great scenery when Nixon’s car decides it needs to rest again! So time for me to take some photos while they disconnect the thermostat this time, to see if that will solve the problem.

We get it started once again and head on down the road. We stop at the Glen Canyon Dam on Lake Powell but it is closed.

Glen Canyon Dam on Lake Powell

Next we make a stop in Page to get gas, snacks, and a camera chip. Jorgensen’s car is now making a funny noise and they think it is the alternator, but we head on. We enjoy the sights around Antelope Canyon, even though we don’t go see the slot canyons this time around.

Area around Antelope Canyon
Outside of Page

We stop in a shady spot and eat our sack lunch while looking out at the beautiful view. We finish and go on, but not a long enough break for Nixon’s car I guess because it decides to quit once again.

This time they grease and protect some wiring
Time for another photo shoot for me!
Yesterday Fall officially started and since there aren’t many trees around this is my Fall Photo!

We check in and then watch the sun set over Monument Valley.


That is all for today. More to come tomorrow.