Day two adventure

We get up early to see the sunrise at Monument Valley, but it rained last night and it is cloudy and no spectacular sunrise like last time.

So we choose not to do the 17 mile tour at Monument Valley and instead go see the sights heading North: “Forest Gump Hill”, Mexican Hat, and “The Valley of the Gods”. Everywhere you look is another beautiful sight so now my biggest job is to try and pick some of the sights to share and not post them all!

Starting at sunrise at Monument Valley
Things lighten up and the clouds add contrast
This is my kind of Model A road!

Then I decide we should do a “GROUP” shot of those who took this Adventurous route today, through this fantastic place. People obliged me and we took a moment together.

All ten of us together in the Valley of the Gods

We finish the loop and head on to more places for the day. each choosing their own places of choice to finish out the day. Some to Four Corners, some to Mesa Verde, and some onto Durango, Colorado where we are spending the night. We have been to all of these places before, so we stay behind Jim and Dorothea because their car is having issues and goes only 30-35 miles an hour while back firing. We follow them to Cortez where the trouble truck meets them and we go onto Durango.

We end up with a few rain showers, but the end of a great day.