Ole Southwest Tour

Adventure Day Nine – Canon City, Colorado

As per our usual we get up at 6, however we are not going to go up Pikes Peak with Lizzie. We have done it before in my van and went up the cog railway yesterday. We have breakfast and start out about 8:30. We get about three blocks from the hotel and Lizzie stops dead in the middle of traffic! Rick is able to get her into a left hand turn lane with traffic zooming by on either side. Rick tries restarting her to no avail. He lifts the hood and can’t see anything right off. But with patience and persistence he discovers the wire from the coil to the ignition has broken. He is able to fix it and we are on our way – yeah!

We say good-by to Pikes Peak as others are climbing it.

Pikes Peak

We travel a short distance back on Hwy 24 and turn off on CR1. Boy their road signs are small and you had to figure out that County Road 1 was CR1 and by the time you see the little sign you should have turned, no warning. Anyway we made the turn and stop at The Hornbek Homestead. We didn’t stop the other day when we went to see the petrified sequoias.

We head on down the road that is a country road up and down rolling hills and around curves. The “modern” homesteads don’t look that much different from the old one.

Next stop is the Colorado Prisons Museum:

We take the hour long tour. Glad we stopped and had lunch first, our guide hadn’t had lunch and was rather grouchy.

We tour a room of some really beautiful art pieces done by prisoners. We finish the tour and go to check in the motel. We go to dinner with John and Nancy at a Cajun place and then back to motel and to bed.