Ole Southwest Tour

Adventure Day Eleven – Moab

We get up, breakfast, get gas and on the road by 8. We take the scenic route as always. Today was the most diversified, beautiful terrain of the trip so far. It rained last night and was cold enough to have ice crystals on things this morning. We travel up mountains, across flat plateaus, down off mountains, around hairpin curves, through pasture lands, through red rock areas, through canyon bottoms by the river, seeing Fall colors and snow on the mountain tops and continue to have blue skies with big fluffy clouds. This is America the Beautiful!

I will try to put some of what we saw today on this blog, here goes:

Fall colors and mountain tops covered in snow

We make it into Moab, however we can’t check into motel until 4, so we eat a snack and go out for a little drive by our selves

We come back and check in the motel and go with the group for dinner and the night light show on the boat trip on the Colorado River.

Colorado River boat trip
ET or maybe Yoda??
Old Man
Moon coming up over the cliffs on Colorado River

The end to a wonderful day!