Ole Southwest Tour

Adventure Day Twelve – Monument Valley

Today’s Thought: Awesome Arches – Wicked Winds!

Addendum: The internet connection is too slow – so will add pictures later to this.

We get up early to get in Arches National Park. Breakfast was a joke at the hotel – couldn’t even sit in dining area. In fact today eating was not a highlight. Everywhere we tried for lunch was closed so ate at a gas station/Port of Subs and for dinner The View’s restaurant is closed so think we will eat our oatmeal cookie from lunch!

We leave at 7 and get into the park. It is cold at Arches, but we see the sights. We then head on but do not stop at Canyonlands. The wind is never ending and very strong. At one point a gust pushed Lizzie clear into the on coming lane. Not fun and takes all Rick’s concentration to keep it going straight ahead. No time to look at the sights. We end up at the “View” in Monument Valley to stay for the night, but clouds and no spectacular sunset.

Here are some photos of the day: