Ole Southwest Tour

Adventure Day Fourteen – Bryce Canyon

We got up at 5:30 so we could have breakfast at 6 and be on the road by 7. We make it by 7:15. It is cold and there is a fresh covering of snow, but the storm is past and the wind is not blowing! We are very grateful that we spent the night and didn’t forge ahead when it was so miserable. Today turned into a nice drive even though we did yesterday’s drive along with today’s. Everything is pretty with a covering of snow on the contrasting red rocks and cliffs.

We stop in Kanab for lunch and gas and then head on to today’s planned trip to Bryce Canyon. We get into the park about 3. We drive to Sunrise Point and get out and walk to Sunset Point and then back to the cars. We don’t walk down into the hoodoos this time because it is either super muddy or icy. But the views from the top are still spectacular with the snow covering.

We go back to Ruby’s Inn and check into the Inn. We go to the Country Western Show and Dinner. We walked over and back. To say the least it was a BRISK WALK. Tonight it is suppose to get down to 22*.

Once again I can’t figure out how to add pictures even with calling and bothering Nick so pictures will have to come once I am home if I can figure it out then.