Getting Ready for Canada Tour

Getting ready for Canada Tour

Here it is about 10 days before we leave, time is getting short. Rick has worked hard and long on getting Tin Lizzie ready for the trip. He totally rebuilt an engine to go in Tin Lizzie over the last month or so. Put it in a week ago and we took Tin Lizzie to the Grand Opening of the new freeway with the new grand bridge. Then decided to take her on a little trial run to Quincy before heading out on the trip.  Well, all went well going over, but coming home she boiled. Got home to find out the engine was “cracked” and ruined! So Rick started out all over again on Tin Lizzie’s original engine and redid it and put it back in her by himself. It seems to be running O.K. so we are again going to take her on a trial run today to go to Big Springs Gardens outside of Sierra City and go to dinner with Mom and Dad. We will see how it goes. Mean while I am trying to get the van ready because we are going to trailer Tin Lizzie up to Canada to start the tour. Rick also just totally refinished a trunk for Tin Lizzie and put that on today so we will have more storage area. What a great job! It started out all rusty and now look at it, he doesn’t give himself credit for all he can and does do.